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"For four summers, Power Source custom designed elite speed, strength, mass, and power workouts to match my sport-specific needs.

No other strength & conditioning coach has a better program, or a better price."

Stevie Moses
(Division I college hockey player)


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"How To Get A Huge Jump On The Competition For Your Middle School Athlete"


As training programs become more popular in all sports, and the competition to be the best becomes more challenging, finding a program that knows how to develop middle school-age athletes is now incresingly valuable.

But you'll have to be careful who you choose to work with.

The absolute worst thing you can do for your child or player is to enroll them in a program that tries to train them as if they are a high school or pro athlete before they are physically ready for it..

Kids between the ages of 11 and 14 have unique developmental needs. There are drills and concepts that they are going to be ready for, and many others that will be nothing but counterproductive.

At Power Source, we have over a decade of experience training middle school aged athletes. We know what to do that will help them to succeed, and what to avoid.

"I feel that the program stresses to the person training that there is a correct way of working out and an incorrect way. I am confident that no matter where my son and daughter train – at school, home, or the gym - they will use the program and techniques from Power Source and get the most from that work out.  

And when you can get an 11 and 14 year old out of bed in the summer at 6:00 AM to work out, you know they’re getting something out of it and enjoying it.

I would recommend this program to all athletes to get the most out of what sport you are in. I would like to thank Jim again for his commitment and time to the kids and the program.“

Chris Valliere
Fitchburg, MA


(Interested in a free initial asessment and 14-day trial membership to our Leominster, MA facility? Register here and we will be in touch ASAP!)



Here are some of the benefits your 11-14 year old athlete will receive by training with Power Source:


Age-appropriate training that safely incorporates plyometrics, core stability, and Olympic Lifting technique, among other strategies, into their challenging workout program.

ulletpointThe most comprehensive strength and flexibility testing analysis you'll find anywhere to uncover their most pressing physical development needs.

ulletpoint A personalized workout program that targets and builds up those areas that their testing shows to be in need of work.

ulletpointThey will be taught the proper technique in a variety of basic weightlifting exercises before creating any bad habits. This will maximize future gains and their safety in the weight room

ulletpointWith coordination and athleticism often being a challenge to those going through awkward phases and growth spurts, much of our training at ages 11-14 targets this specific developmental need.

ulletpointWe provide a long term tracking system to monitor their results over time - so they can see just how much they are improving and developing.middle-school-strength

ulletpointPower Source has great kids in its program who also know the value of hard work. This has created a tremendous training atmosphere over the years where you will find it easy to make new friends while simultaneously pushing yourself to new levels.

ulletpointOur friendly and knowledgeable coaches will do everything we can to make your experience fun, challenging, and memorable.

ulletpointWe provide great value for our services. Our prices are intentionally kept as low as we can to allow the most kids possible access to our services.

ulletpointAs if that weren't enough, this program is entirely risk-free! You are welcome to try out our program for 3 full sessions, and if we are not providing the quality service you expected then we will refund 100% of your program fee!

“I am completely happy with the entire program. Also how much my son has changed and developed a strong and healthy body, not to mention how your program has influenced in a positive way the life of a young man and athlete.” 

Sharon Bernard
Fitchburg, MA


“I had heard great things about Jim and his program. My daughter is a soccer player and wanted to stay in shape over the summer.   She looked forward to getting up for her 6:45 a.m. strength and agility training. She was learning and having fun and didn't want to stop. We'll be signing up for more!! Next year, I plan to register my three daughters in the program and will be sure to pass the word.“ 

Paula Magee
parent of high school soccer player

Westminster, MA


“My experience was great in my first summer with Power Source. I met some new kids and learned many exercises I can use in the future to stay in shape after the program ends.

I would recommend this service to any young athlete that wants to improve their strength and have fun at the same time.  It is a great way to strengthen your body and stay in shape over the summer. I feel that I could now work out away from the program with the experience to know what I'm doing.” 

Tim L.
prep school basketball and soccer player
Ashburnham, MA


If you are going to enroll your child in an athletic development program, why no go with the company who has been doing this successfully for over 10 years?




A lower cost program designed to properly instruct you on how to execute many key strength & power lifts.

Age-appropriate exercises chosen based on years of experience.

A fun, group-based training atmosphere.

Learn the correct technique on all major lifts years before most kids even begin weight training.



Our coaching staff is certified by:

Power Source Training Centers, Inc., 12 Sawtelle Road  Leominster, MA, 01453
Phone: 978.798.1391 – E-Mail: jim@powersourcetraining.com

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